Kustom Kickz

Virtual Business

First New York Federal Credit Union and the Capital Region Career & Technical School team up on virtual business venture! 

You’ve heard of Reebok and Nike, but you probably have never heard of Kustom Kickz!  That’s the name of a virtual company that students in the Career & Technical School’s Virtual Business Program have created. 

Kustom Kickz is the company formed by 12 local students at the area school.  The students are gaining experience by creating the company from the ground up, and drawing from expertise in the real world. 

The students have teamed up with executives from First New York in areas such as Administration, Lending, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Web Design, Accounting and Finance.   The credit union staff members are serving as mentors for the students and are providing input on how to write a business plan, creating policies, accounting principals and how to market products. 

From an initial meeting between the students and the credit union officials, the students have been busy developing plans and strategies to launch the virtual business, which involves custom made sneakers. 

The ultimate goal of the students is to enter competitions where their virtual business will be judged against others from throughout the country. During the process the students will be receiving real life training that is used in the virtual world today – and the real world tomorrow!


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