Credit Card Podcast

August 1, 2008

Credit cards – we all have them and we use them – alot!

This podcast reviews tips on what to look for when shopping for a new credit card and ideas on how to use your cards wisely. 

Credit Card Podcast

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Credit Unions Provide Best Deal!

November 13, 2007

Those of us who have either been a member, employee or volunteer at a credit union, knew this all along!

 Credit unions provide the best deal when it comes to banking, according to an article that appeared in the December issue of Money Magazine.

The article, titled “The Best Little Deal in Banking,” cited five reasons “why you should join a credit union”–including five basic products that credit unions offer to their members at competitive prices (Money Magazine December 2007).

For example, an auto loan at a credit union is like “french fries at McDonalds–classic and reliable,” according to the article. According to the Government Accountability Office, credit union auto loans carry two percentage points less than auto loans at big banks.

The other reasons cited include higher savings rates, lower credit card rates, great deals on morgages and the credit union perks that banks don’t offer!

Thanks, Money!  We’ve known this all along!!!