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April 4, 2008

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A big thank you goes out to the Times Union of Albany NY.  Recently they featured our blog, along with our other podcasts, in-school branches and youth initiatives, in the Capitaland Quarterly.

Here is a link to the article:


New Year Financial Resolution Podcast

January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!  And, for the new year, we have added our latest podcast on financial resolutions.

Here is the MP3 version.  You can click to open and listen to the podcast using your computers audio software, or you can right click the link and save it to your hard drive to listen at a later date on your MP3 player.

Be sure to visit the Podcast section of this blog for all of our previous podcasts.

New Year Financial Resolution Podcast

Holiday Trivia

December 24, 2007

From a website called www.usefultrivia.com, here is a short holiday quiz (see below for answers):

1) The real St. Nicholas was born in what modern-day country?

Choose Your Answer: A: Israel, B: Pakistan, C: Iraq, D: Turkey

2) Who narrated the classic 1966 TV special “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?

Choose Your Answer: A: Burl Ives, B: Charlton Heston, C: Boris Karloff, D: Thurl Ravenscroft

3) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was created as a promotion for what department store?

Choose Your Answer: A: J.C. Penney, B: Montgomery Ward, C: Macy’s, D: Nordstrom

4) In the 1965 TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, who builds a gray snowman?

Choose Your Answer: A: Charlie Brown, B: Linus, C: Pigpen, D: Snoopy

5) What was the name of the magician with the magic hat in the 1969 TV special “Frosty the Snowman”?

Choose Your Answer: A: Black Bart, B: Black Peter, C: Professor Finkle, D: Professor Hinkle

6) In “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, there are how many drummers drumming?

Choose Your Answer: A: six, B: eight, C: ten, D: twelve


1.  D

2.  C

3.  B

4.  C

5.  D

6.  D

Happy Holidays to All!

Best Places To Work!

December 6, 2007

Best Places To Work

Today, The Business Review recognized First New York Federal Credit Union as one of the Best Places to Work in the Capital District!

The award recognizes First New York’s achievement in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of benefits, working conditions and company culture.  First New York was one of 150 companies to be nominated, making the top 30 list based on the strength of its employee evaluations.

The companies were evaluated on an objective 40-question survey completed by employees of participating companies.  Employees scored their respective companies on a six-point scale.  The results were compilied and analyzed by The Business Review’s research partner, Quantum Market Research.

The survey takes the following strategic measures into account:

  • Team effectiveness
  • Retention
  • Employee alignment with company goals
  • Trust with co-workers
  • Individual contribution
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Trust in senior leaders
  • Feeling valued
  • Work engagement
  • People practices

Congratulations, First New York Federal Credit Union!!!